HAPPY  adj: favored by fortune; blissful; successful

FREAK  noun: abnormal phenomenon; exception 

Can we be Pulled by a Dream?? aha moment discipline mindset overwhelm reflection vision board Mar 05, 2021

Sometimes we have aHAs that string together and make a Dream (Vision) for our future. Has this happened to you?? You have a few light bulb moments, like, “yeah, hey, wouldn't it be awesome if I could do THIS and get paid for it!?”

That’s an aHA. It could be fleeting. 


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Grit in 2021: The Long Game determination goal setting grit growth mindset mindset perserverance Feb 10, 2021

2020 was the longest year in the record books, and the hits just came one after another. So, how do you muster the energy for a fresh new year? 

Well, you summon your GRIT. Don't really have any GRIT, you say?? Well, good news...you can GROW GRIT! 

GRIT is born out of the Mind, a GROWTH...

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The ART of the WIN WIN coaching communication empathy integrity leadership mindset mission statement problem solving winwin Feb 03, 2021

As small and medium sized business owners, how do we set ourselves apart in an ever changing and super competitive market place? We master the Art of the WIN WIN. 

WIN WIN is not just a concept for our current or future customers, but ALSO for our employees. 

Three tips to Mastering the...

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