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"Lead Amazing Woman Lead" Interview

with Dena Breslin

Lead Amazing Woman Lead

Featuring Amazing Woman Authors, including Dena Breslin

Another wonderful and needed resource, visioned and compiled with ultimate expertise by Marsh Engle. Dena's chapter is on Mastering Our Voice. Such a life altering skill, to get clear on our True Inner Voice, which becomes the seed for transformation and growth. This book is filled with 9 Amazing Women perspectives, practical guidance, and years of collective wisdom. Get your copy today!





Let's break it down:

adj: favored by fortune; blissful; successful.

noun: abnormal phenomenon; exception.

"Words that describe Coach Dena, dynamic, compassionate, educated, authentic & innovative...I’ve had the honor to know, grow, and share a passionate journey w/ Dena for over a decade. She is an exceptional leader who sees the greatness oozing out of her audience & clients and truly wants them to be their best self. s a trusted mastermind partner I can always depend on her to challenge my status quo as I grow my business. . This girl is on fire and you will be too when you collaborate with her!"

Kim P.
CEO at Master Your Drone

"When I was ready to throw in the towel because of fear, doubt, and all kinds of other excuses; it was Dena that got me back on track to self-empowerment. She is so good at listening and discovering (discerning) the true essence of who you are; helping you connect the dots from your why to your goal line. I cannot thank her enough for helping me break through some stuff that got me back on purpose and on track to achieve some big dreams. She really is the best."

Veronica E.
Direct Sales Leader

"I approached Dena because I was stuck with where to take my business to the next level. Dena is amazing! She helped me realize I am a rock star and can exceed my goals. With Dena encouragement and coaching I doubled what I was making in less than 4 months of working with her! Dena is full of Positivity and I highly encourage everyone to work with her!"

Annie K.
Professional Organizer

"My favorite thing about working with Dena is her outright honesty and her ability to bring out my bad qualities and turn them around to good qualities. She holds me accountable! Everyone needs a “Daily Dose of Dena”! My time management has improved tremendously. Working with my team members is easier and I don’t feel the guilt like before. I see things differently in people than before."

Lori J.
Direct Sales Leader

"Through your hard-hitting, pointed, and spot-on assessments and critiques, you have helped me get back on track toward becoming "the best version of myself."Ive hit-my-stride again and stepped onto the threshold of being back in "The Zone!" My self-confidence is surging. However, and extremely importantly, the benefit derived from the experience has added deep and genuine humility to my self-belief. And most importantly, it has sharpened my focus on the tremendous value I can provide to my clients and the world as a whole."

Larry B.
Business Trainer an& Advisor

Mind Centered Coaching for Life, Business & Relationships

DenaB Coaching provides mind centered coaching to regain that strength. We’ve all had glimpses of exactly what we want in our lives, who we are, our purpose. Times when the soul is awakened with an aha! We’ve all had these moments and yet through busy lives and distraction have forgotten. We coach together to shake things up, to wake US up! To remind us of our power & excellence, to silence the voice of that saboteur, and to plan a new life story.  With one on one, small group coaching, Masterminds and workshops, DenaB Coaching can help you center on what is best for you and your business to move forward.





Confidence isn't learning how to sell your widget, it's learning how to think, believe and trust MORE of yourself than what you assume others are thinking about you.


Clarity is to be more clear than anyone else about who you are and what got you to make the decisions and the path you made. Build inner truth.


Developing your best self requires PRACTICE and focus to find your inner voice. It requires calm, quiet and great reflective questions and listening.


Once you have a voice, USE it. Often. In YOUR language, the language of YOUR personal story, and super powers. Standing up and apart from the hundreds of thousands all trying to get the same customers attention. KNOW what you do extremely well.


Without clearing out the old fear based story, and opening up space to let abundance, we feel like a rat on a wheel. Decide how you define your mindset, heartset, bodyset and soulset. Success depends on the love affair we have with wealth, health, money, freedom. Woo them. Attract them. Love them. Marry them.

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