Keyword and Tips to Connect with Customers Virtually

customer connection customers pain point marketing relevant rule of 7 social media testimonies tips top of mind virtual business Jan 28, 2021

2 Key Words and 5 Top Tips When Connecting with Customers Virtually

Well aren’t we surprised that we were able to survive 2020?!

 In some cases, we not only survived, many businesses THRIVED!! HELLO!!

In any case, the winners connected well, built trust, and increased visibility.

In today’s world, the ‘Rule of 7’ (how many impressions one needs to have on a consumer before they buy) is no longer valid. Its more like the ‘Rule of 27.’

While I made that number (27) up, the idea is that 2D “impressions” are no longer what people are responding to. Why? Because of the sheer inundation any one consumer has each and every day.

2 Keywords are RELEVANT and TOP-OF-MIND. 

Here are my 5 Top Tips to support you in this virtual environment, to be relevant and top of mind. 

1) Create a real, viable solution to a consumer’s problem. Spend time with your team really uncovering WHAT THEY NEED, what their pain points are, and how YOU, and your business are the absolute BEST one’s to solve it. Breathe new life into your solutions. Please do not try to do this work only in your mind. Notice I suggested, write it out. This is a very important part of the tip. Use this info in your marketing, newsletters etc.

2) Begin with Gratitude, more often than ever. Spend time and money connecting with consumers just to thank them for their partnership. (Using words like partnership are far better than merely thanking them for their business) You are intentionally putting yourself in front of them to shine a light WITH your gratitude ON the strengths and ways you are dedicated to continue to solve their problems (see tip #1) Send thank you post cards, emails, texts etc. Use a variety of mediums.

3) Get fresh new testimonies, and reviews. Be creative in how you share those. Create a simple landing page with testimonies and ask your champion customers to send that landing page out with those they could see benefitting. Use testimonies on social media (see tip 5) and in postcard campaigns.

4) Go with 3D marketing, meaning….USE MORE VIDEOS. Everyone sends out email campaigns, but YOU can send out an email with a personal video embedded. Use messaging from Tip 1 and 2. You can even have the whole team included in a video that goes out to customers. Spend extra money on video messaging/ads. Be real, from the heart.

5) Amp up your social media presence, with great, value added content. YEP, you can do it! This is key to keeping you relevant and top of mind. (Remember the 28 impressions) It is worth the investment in 2021 to hire a social media strategist. Be seen on the platforms that your customers frequent.


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