Can we be Pulled by a Dream??

aha moment discipline mindset overwhelm reflection vision board Mar 05, 2021

Sometimes we have aHAs that string together and make a Dream (Vision) for our future. Has this happened to you?? You have a few light bulb moments, like, “yeah, hey, wouldn't it be awesome if I could do THIS and get paid for it!?”

That’s an aHA. It could be fleeting. 

Then, you might have this thought: “Well, what would it take to do XXX ( that thing) that I could REALLY LOVE to do, because Im FANTASTIC at it, AND it’s like my second nature, I’ve been doing it for soooo long, but not getting paid. “

These light bulb moments are not limited to concepts for a new biz venture, you’ve had them for how to improve your current business, your marriage, your health, your finances, your parenting, and the list goes on. 

Hmmmm…..what do you do when a clue for your future destiny gets dropped in?? Do you regularly set time aside weekly to dive deeper into those messages from the Universe??

Do you even allow yourself to be OPEN to hearing those aHAs??

So often we are so caught up in our DOING, that we aren't even hearing the whispers. We have our days soooo planned, that Dreaming is a thing that rarely happens. Even when we FINALLY take a vacation, we don’t come down to relax enough to immerse in aHA dreaming. 

Then, we often wonder why we are stressed out, overwhelmed, unclear, unwell, have chronic pain, headaches, backaches, bigger bellies, less connection with our spouses, or children, and our businesses are flat. Could this be you??

The truth is, it IS MANY of us. You are not alone, nor at fault. We are living in a time of unprecedented distractions. We are swimming in a sea of noise. 

However, the one thing that sets successful entrepreneurs apart from this sea, is PAUSE. Yes, really. 

The behavior for those on the top end of the bell shaped curve, the success outliers, those who are consistently growing their businesses year over year, improving the bottom lines, increasing revenues, while keeping their health, wealth and self in balance, is regularly scheduled TIME OUTS. 

This is where the 5 O’clock club originated. (Reference Robin Sharma’s book, The 5am Club). Morning routines for millionaires and billionaires, I promise you, that is a given. 

Sound like something you’ve been missing??

Want a few tips on how to get started?? Great! Let’s Go!!!

1) Give yourself Permission to make TIME OUTs part of your life. 

2) Consider WHEN is your MOST open time to have 30 min+ to yourself each day and commit for 30 days.

3) Print a calendar designed to put an X on each day that you have kept to your commitment.

4) Tell your family (those you live with) your goal to have TIME OUTS daily.

5) Get a clean new journal for this. Attach a pen to the journal.

6) IF an aHA comes up during the remaining hours in the day/week. TEXT that aHA to yourself to come back to during your TIME OUT.

7) The TIME OUT block is meant to be what you choose. It can include, in the order you prefer: 10 min guided meditation with breathing,  10 min of journaling thoughts/dreams,  10 min of calisthenics, or stretching

8) Whatever you choose to do during that TIME OUT, commit to consistency. After 30 days, you will know so much more about yourself and your inner voice (which is the seat of your DREAMs)

9) Celebrate the wins with your spouse, biz partner, best friend, coach.


For a deeper dive into Dream/Visioning or a Leadership workshop for your team, send me a message. 



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