The ART of the WIN WIN

coaching communication empathy integrity leadership mindset mission statement problem solving winwin Feb 03, 2021

As small and medium sized business owners, how do we set ourselves apart in an ever changing and super competitive market place? We master the Art of the WIN WIN. 

WIN WIN is not just a concept for our current or future customers, but ALSO for our employees. 

Three tips to Mastering the WIN WIN overall:

1) EMPATHY: a word that is not often used in business, and not often used by men in business. (this isnt a criticism as much as its been taught over generations, and is a fact). Standing in the other’s shoes, understanding what PAIN someone may be feeling, and then communicating your ability to “get them”, “hear them”, “understand” or “follow”….all these words are useful when connecting. This does NOT mean that you have experienced the exact same thing that a customer or an employee means that you have experienced a very similar EMOTION that they are FEELING.

Tip: LISTEN when a customer or employee is speaking. Listen to HEAR the emotion that they may not be specifying. NOT to immediately SOLVE or RESPOND. A simple: “I hear you,” or “that must be so frustrating”, or “I know that feeling” bridges the gap between YOU and THEM. They will remember that. This sets you apart from others in big ways!

2) PAINT the PICTURE FOR the customer of how YOU are different and how you GET THEM. Meaning, dont just assume things. ACTUALLY SPEAK it out clearly on how you and your team take pride in doing things DIFFERENTLY. When  you have a new customer on phone call or in person, interject your Principles, and Company Mission that you intend to STAND BY.

Things like integrity, efficiency, professionalism, skill, etc. DO NOT leave this only up to the copy on your social media, or website. People want to HEAR that reassurance from YOU. 

Tip: Do you have a mission and vision statement for your business? Could your team recite this back to you? If not, create a fun yet important challenge for them to be able to do that with you, SO THAT, they are able to do that with clients; SO THAT they have it so engrained in their mindset, those words become AUTOMATIC in how they SHOW up to work. That is a WIN WIN for them AND YOU. 

3) Relationship MAINTENANCE: especially now, in a time where there can be uncertainty with clients, and employees, people want to know THEY MEAN SOMETHING to the business owner. Greater than HALF of business today is coming from referral sources. And while the majority of businesses BELIEVE they deliver superior customer service and maintenance, less than 10% ACTUALLY DO, when customers were asked. Additionally, more than 50% of employees today are unengaged, 20% are literally UN-happy where they are, and 30% are actually satisfied with their work. How can this be??

Tip: Once you’ve established an agreement or contract, or even completed a job, design a unique way to go above and beyond to THANK the customer, STAY connected and TOP of MIND, SO THAT….referrals come naturally. With employees, the way we used to hold meetings, doesnt work the same today as it once did. A WIN WIN, is actually identifying the employee WINS daily or at minimum weekly. Are you currently doing this??  Set up 15 min calls to learn of their WINS only….celebrate them. Give little incentives, or rewards for jobs well done, UNEXPECTED SURPRISES. Keep that SPARK of JOY going with customers and employees and you will not only set yourself and your business apart, you will no doubt double or triple your revenue!!

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