Sep 10, 2020

Every day, every single day, curveballs abound messages, clues, stuff to take a look at through a fresh lens. Hard to do at mock speed, isn’t it? When is it enough? When are we willing to slow down and breathe? Some folks rest in the retirement home, some, don't’ make it there. Sound morbid? Sure can be, literally. This would be known as distress

Long term chronic off-balance leads to distress. Distress leads to illness, sometimes a cold, sometimes worse. Are you willing to wait for that wake-up call? The ability to come back to center each day, takes the stress of the day, the off balancedness and applies coping skills such as the breath, meditation, exercise, nutrition, writing out feelings, focusing on gratitude(even the smallest moments) saying what we need to say to the people in our life, releasing toxic people, and celebrating. Pick one, give it a try for 30 days. You are now asking, how do I celebrate for 30 days straight?

Well, that looks like this:

Each day you find something to shout about, I mean post on facebook, talk to your bestie, tell your spouse, sister, mother, boss celebrate!

Last week I celebrated this I had a nail in my tire. It wasn’t the nail it was how easy the process was to get it fixed. I had a wonderful neighbor help me add air, to get me to a garage I hadn’t been to in years, come to find out the garage was owned by 2 women and they took great care of me! When slowing down and looking at it with a new lens it was something to celebrate!


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