Grit in 2021: The Long Game

determination goal setting grit growth mindset mindset perserverance Feb 10, 2021

2020 was the longest year in the record books, and the hits just came one after another. So, how do you muster the energy for a fresh new year? 

Well, you summon your GRIT. Don't really have any GRIT, you say?? Well, good can GROW GRIT! 

GRIT is born out of the Mind, a GROWTH mind to be exact. We have two mindsets and you get to discern how much of each side you intend to have this year, or ….from today forward. 

You can either have a FIXED mind, one where you believe that who you are is who you’ll ever be….that, its very hard, if not impossible to change...that, the world is a very rough place to be right now...that, you stick to what you know….that, failure is to be avoided at all costs, and …..that, when things get rough, (which they may still be in 2021) it’s safest to fold.

However, our Growth mind, is much more expansive. In this side, setbacks (ie. 2020) are always a clue, and an opportunity for something better. You believe that you can, in fact learn to do or be anything you desire…..that, others success (or perceived success) inspires you to improve….that, there is no limit to the perseverance one can cultivate for the long game. ENTER GRIT, stage left. 

GRIT, the idea popularized and studied extensively in the last several years, by researcher, Angela Duckworth (google her TED talk on GRIT), is defined as the  passion and perseverance for long-term and meaningful goals (note: from her book, GRIT: the Power of Passion & Perseverance) 

We often set annual goals, some of us quarterly goals, some even monthly. What about a 5 year or 10  year plan?? Have you envisioned those?? With that sort of visioning, a new identity also arises. This is where most folks recoil. WHY?…..because “WE ARE WHO WE ARE!!!” and “Don't push me to be someone I'm NOT!!”  Fascinating, isn't it. 

Id be willing to bet that you are NOT the same person you were at age 18. Nor at 25. That’s not a bad thing, is it?? Of course there are inherent character traits that do make you unique, no question. My question to you, now, though, is…..DO YOU HAVE GRIT?? Have you had it?? Would you like to build it?? 

What might you think the advantages are to gaining more of it?? 

So, in 2021….and for the next 2-3 years or more…..what will your business stand for? Has anything shifted since your experience of last year?…..Who do you need to be to make that happen?? ….What skills will require your focus and ultimately, your mastery?? Who is counting on you? What resources do you need to build this better than ever??

Use these reflection points as this month unfolds. Take time to create a 12 week year for yourself, with a sense of purpose that may be new to you. 

Be on fire. Light up your business. Serve others more. Experience Joy. 



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