Jul 07, 2020

What the heck is life coaching anyway? Most people faintly understand the value of hiring a life coach. First, and yes, you HIRE someone.

Which means you must value this: YOURSELF.

This means you are at a place in your being or becoming that is stuck or moving in slow motion, you might be in a place of extreme pain, confusion, or contemplation. You are under “being”, not who you really know you can be, not living in joy, not feeling radiant, not exuding confidence.

Why a life coach? Because you are looking for a shift and sadly the voice of sabotage in your head keeps you from finding it, believing it, and taking the next best step to own it.

Sometimes you have no idea what it is that you are looking for….sometimes you just plain feel like crap! And as I describe it… you are walking through molasses being pelted by cinder blocks!

Your body is smart, so incredibly intelligent, down to each cell. It's telling you to hold up & wake up! It comes in waves - back pain, headaches, sickness, mental exhaustion, depression, anger. We wear the jacket of martyrdom and hope for some kind of magic to sweep over our lives and fix it all.

Oh yeah, back to you deserving to invest in a life coach to help get you beyond this place you’re sittin' in.  Working with a life coach cost me $400 a month for about 2 years. It was the absolute best money I had ever spent on myself….ever. It was a stretch, it felt uncomfortable, and my old mind slinked in berating,

”Who do you think you are? Spending this money on what? You know you will never change, you’re ridiculous, selfish, and a phony.” Yes, I battled with the same voice that surges up in you!

Beyond the shoes, clothes, jewelry, travel, beyond what I “needed” to spend on my kids, the house, none of it compared to the need I had in getting my mind stronger for myself. Not even the therapy, counseling, psychoanalysis that I had undertaken for the 20 years prior to finding that life coach, compared.  Oh…and all of that was partially covered by mental health insurance.

When you are at that place in your life that feels like, not just sounds like, a broken record, and your day to day living is circular(hence hamster wheel), that is where a life coach comes in. Seek one out, ask for one. Find.

Then, Awaken, Shift, Grow, Flow, Be.

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